Roger Federer Quotes

"Appropriate ban. No more I could say. It's a pity people have to do this." -- Roger Federer on Guillermo Canas' two-year ban due to doping.

"I think the experts and me and Tony (Roche), we all know it's not his mistake if my ranking drops. Eventually it will drop. I can't stay No. 1 for 50 years, you know. We'll see what happens. But I'm not worried that he will be blamed. I'm not thinking this way."

"The week before the (US Open) I gave a few interviews for CNN, USA Network, New York Times, USA Today and Sports Illustrated which had been arranged beforehand. The reason for giving these interviews is not only because working with the media is just part of the job, it is much more my desire to contribute to the promotion of tennis in the U.S."

"The nicer the point, the more -- the better I feel, the more excited I get. But I never play that my opponent looks stupid. I think that is wrong. I have too much respect for every opponent I play."