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Quotes about Science

Francis Bacon

The empiricists are like the ant; they only collect and use. The rationalists resemble the spiders, who make cobwebs out of their own substance. The scientist is like the bee; it takes a middle course; it gathers material from the flowers, but adapts it by a power of its own

Science is the labor and handicraft of the mind.

Johannes Kepler

Why are things as they are and not otherwise?

Louis Pasteur

Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.

Marie Curie

I am among those who think that science has great beauty. A scientist in his laboratory is not only a technician: he is also a child placed before natural phenomena which impress him like a fairy tale.

Paul Dirac

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Theodore Roszak

Nature composes some of her loveliest poems for the microscope and the telescope.